UK Undergraduate Studies for International Students

As we are certified Agents and Counsellors with partnership contacts with carefully selected universities and educational institutions, we have an excellent track record in coaching students, applying on their behalf for their desired courses and securing them scholarships. We support our clients throughout the whole process; from securing their admissions and applying for the visa to helping them settle in their new institutions. We are one of the very few agencies that can guarantee you admission no matter what your grades are as we believe that everyone has potential if they are coached well. Most importantly we also secure scholarships for the students to help them with the admission fees.


Furthermore, from 11 September 2019, you will be able to apply for a two-year visa after your graduation to look for work in accordance with UK immigration rules.


As UK is the top education and business hub in the world, there are always jobs fairs taking place in a range of UK cities. In these fairs, companies from all over the world offer jobs to UK graduate students.

Additionally, as we have links with companies, we support our clients to find suitable internships and jobs. Hence, by choosing UK for education, you secure your future career.

How do I apply for UK based Education programmes?

1st Step: contact us to understand your needs and guide you to choose the most suitable Study Programme and University.

You can contact us through:

Email:              contact.lil.london@gmail.com

WhatsApp:    +44 7596705011
                        +212 674 834 820
Email: contact.lil.london@gmail.com
Phone:            +44 75 96705011

Fill in the relevant application form on our Website and email us the following documents in PDF format:

a- Qualifications (if you are in the final year of high school, you do not need to submit the qualification, but you need to state the date you are expected to obtain it in the application) 
b- Marks Transcript (If you do not have the final exams transcripts, you can submit the latest marks transcript of high school)
c- Personal Statement (Letter of motivation). These links will guide you on how to write a personal statement: 
  d- If you have taken a recognized language test such as IELTS, please provide the certificate. You can Book your IELTS UKVI (Academic) on https://takeielts.britishcouncil.org/take-ielts/which-ielts-test/ukvi 
If you have not taken  a recognised English test, do not worry as we can organise with one of our partners to test your English online for just £50.00.
We will contact you to confirm what universities and educational institutions we can guarantee you admission.

List of UK Undergraduate Courses

We have lots of courses and If the course you require is not listed below, please contact us as the list is not exclusive.
The courses lists of the courses above are not exhaustive, the list below are more courses and if this does not include the course you are interested in, please contact us as we have many more.
Advance Vehicle – Advertising – Analytics – Architectural Engineering – Architecture- Biology/ Bioscience- Building engineering- Building Services Engineering- Building Surveying- Chemical Engineering- Communications- Computer Engineering- Computer Systems/- Networks- Computer Sciences- Construction Management- Actuarial Science- Aerospace- Aerospace Technology- Agricultural Studies- Analytics- Ancient History- Anthropology- Aquatic Ecology- Art- Art History – Artificial Intelligence- Astronomy- Astrophysics- Auditing- Automotive- Automotive Design- Automotive Engineering- Aviation Management- Banking- Bio-business- Biochemical sciences- Biomedical Engineering- Biomedicine- Biopharmaceutical science- Biotechnology- Brand- Brand management- Childhood studies- Civil engineering- Classical studies- Clinical psychology- Computer aided design- Conservation biology- Consumer behavior- Control- Counselling- Creative writing- Criminal justice- Culinary management- Cultural studies- Curating- Cyber security- Dance- Data science- Dental materials- Design- Development- Dietetics- Digital- Digital marketing- Digital media- Dramaturgy- Drug discovery- Earth Sciences- Econometrics- Education- Electronic/ electrical engineering- Embedded electronics Engineering- English language and – iterature- Enterprise/ Entrepreneurship- Environmental Engineering- Environmental management- Environmental sciences- Environmental technology- Ethics- European business management- European studies- Event management- Fire engineering/ safety- Food science- Genetics, and many more